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Search website baidu.com with your keywords in English, get accurate results that the search engine originally draw from Chinese resources.

* This website is in no way associated with Baidu. Why not check out the
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This website is an independent and free volunteer service platform, and it is for non-native Chinese speakers who want to learn about resources on the Chinese Internet via the Baidu search engine.

Baidu.com is the world's largest Chinese language search engine, also the second-largest one of all languages in the world. It has unique technologies and is professional in drawing accurate online information from numerous Chinese websites and presenting to visitors. But just because of the language gap, non-native speakers are unable to naturally access resources that they need.

In this situation, BaiduinEnglish.com offers convenient and free service to do it. We use the web translation service provided by Google to present your Baidu.com search results in English. It is very simple to use it- Find the below search bar, just enter in your search term and click the button, you will get what you need in Baidu SERP in English, and the information is from Chinese websites, just translated.

Normally, this translation is a tier-one service, you may still need Google Translate to translate the webpage into English once you get into a Chinese site that provides the information you need. If you just want to translate a few Chinese paragraphs, you can learn how to use Baidu Translate.